Action Cycle

The Action Cycle is a four stage repeating process 

… so we tap into our potential and take action, which produces results, which increases belief which increases potential, which causes us to take more action, which produces results… etc…

But what when action doesn’t appear to produce results? For example, I’ve been watching my diet for a week, walking every morning (5km minimum per day) and when I got on the bathroom scales this morning, my weight had actually increased by 3 pounds!
So. What do I do? Well, give up, obviously. My actions aren’t producing the results I want so what would be the point of continuing?

Instant Gratification

In the world of instant gratification we currently inhabit, we are so used to immediate results, from buying a new e-book and reading it within seconds, to pinging a meal for a few minutes in the microwave. It’s so easy to forget that worthwhile stuff takes time. Jeff Olsen’s excellent book, The Slight Edge is based almost entirely on the principle that worthwhile results are ALWAYS the result of taking a little action, repeatedly over LOTS of time. And in fact, with almost no exception, every self growth book and podcast I’ve come across so far has the same message; put the work in, and keep putting the work in. Persistently. So. Did I decide to quit my early morning walks? Hell no! I did another 5k this morning and I’ll be doing the same (or more) again tomorrow. If five years from now I’ve not seen any results, then maybe, just maybe I’ll have reason to reconsider.

The belief has to be prevailing, which is where visualisation comes in. but we’ve got to prevail with the visualisation or that too will wither. I’ll talk about visualisation in a future blog.


Action does create results, but only persistently repeated action, over long periods of  time.

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