Undecided Donkey

There’s an old parable about a donkey that after a hard day’s work is let loose into his field. The donkey is both desperately hungry and has a raging thirst, but it’s ok because there is a brook at one edge of the field with clear, cool water for him to drink and his owner has left him a veritable feast of hay over on the other side of the field. The donkey however, can’t decide which to do first. Drink or eat. Eat first, then drink? Drink first then eat? He just can’t decide and consequently the donkey stays motionless, in the middle of the field. Three days pass and the donkey dies of thirst and starvation.

Too Much To Do!

Sometimes it’s easy to be overwhelmed. We may know what needs doing but since there’s so much to be done, it’s difficult to decide what to do first, which can result in no action at all (I’m talking about me here). Today, I faced the problem, and after a brief moment whilst I considered which action would move me towards my goals quicker, I just got on with it. When I can’t decide which is most appropriate, the best thing to do is just choose arbitrarily, but do something, rather than nothing.

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