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In my life as a driving instructor, at the end of every lesson I always took a few minutes to reflect with my client on the lesson that just took place. What went well? What needed further development? And possibly most importantly, what were we planning to do next time? This planning for next time was always agreed with the client and is known as contracting; We made a plan and agreed to carry it out.
At the beginning of the next lesson, we’d repeat the process; what we did last time, what needed developing and what we were planning to work on this time. Sometimes, if something else had occurred to either of us during the intervening time, we might change the plan to suit. It might have been a different plan but it was still a plan, and more importantly, a plan that was agreed between the two of us.

Though I say so myself, I’m pretty good at being a driving instructor and teasing learning out of my clients. Sometimes though, I’m absolutely rubbish at teasing action for my digital business out of myself on a regular daily basis? Am I a failure?
I’ve realised I’ve got a perfect model to address this behaviour in the way that I dealt with my learner driver clients, known to us driving instructors as the Core Competencies;

Core Competencies

  1. Identify the facts. No judgement, just what exactly took place (or didn’t)?
  2. Analyse cause and consequence – why did they behave as they did, and what are the consequences of this? What might be the consequences of behaving differently?
  3. Identify and apply a possible remedy, modifying the level of support if necessary. If it doesn’t work, repeat the process.

But how can I apply these principles to myself and my business? Maybe I can follow a similar pattern;

  1. If I find I hven’t taken action as planned, then acknowledge temporary defeat in that I didn’t take the action I could have, but remain non judgemental and absolutely do not beat myself up over it. Remember what it is I’m trying to achieve and more importantly why I want to do it, and plan accordingly with the following two steps.
  2. Analysis – When I don’t get the stuff done that I need to, I need to ask myself why not? What caused this? What triggers were there that invoked my action or inaction? Distractions? Belief? Motivation? What consequences will this behaviour have on my business? If I can figure this out then I’ll surely be able to take the third step more effectively.
  3. Strategy – If the strategies I’m using aren’t working for me then I need to define or identify alternative strategies and put those into practise until I find some that DO work for me.

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