Action-List Fun (Part 1)

In my search for strategies that work for me I have many times during my life flirted with the concept of the To Do List. Sometimes, for specific things like shopping, or what to make sure I’ve sorted for a holiday (vacation), having a list has really helped. When I get to the bottom of the list and everything is ticked off then I know I’m sorted. I actually have a short list (this one’s so short I can keep it in my head) for leaving the house to go to work;
1. Glasses
2. Watch
3. Wallet
4. Phone

List Failure!

For life’s more intricate tasks though, I’ve never met with much success and I’m starting to figure out why. There two things that come to mind.
I’ve got to actually read the list for it to be any use; There are numerous times when I’ve created a list then completely forgotten about it and consequently ignored it completely, finding it again months/years later and wondering why I bothered when clearly I’ve got by without it (at this point though let me interject that what I’m realising now is that there can be a massive difference between getting by and getting on). Even if at the back of my mind I’ve known the list is there, I’ve often conveniently forgotten it in order that I didn’t have to actually step up and do the actions referred to within said list.

I think Alexander, my fixed mindset alter-ego may be responsible for this. He’s a bit of a lazy arse sometimes and doesn’t really like to do more than is absolutely necessary. Which brings me to the second point.

Any action list is only any use if you actually take action with regards to the points on the list.

I can look at it, re-order it, remove entries and add entries all I like to get myself a really lovely list but until I actually take action and DO some of the stuff then really, what’s the point?

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