Self Discipline & How To Get It (Part 1)

Motivation Is Worthless

Has this got your attention? I’m going to say it again; motivation is worthless.
Has Deej finally lost the plot, you may be asking yourselves?
Hopefully not.
The first time I heard this concept was on one of Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory podcasts when Tom was interviewing Mel Robbins, famous for her Five Second Rule. “Motivation is crap,” said Mel, and went on to explain why. Except I didn’t get it and the explanation Mel gave didn’t really help.

How can motivation be worthless, I thought? Surely everything we do, we do because we’re motivated? Surely? As regular readers of my blog will know, I tend to read a lot (or more accurately, listen whilst walking) and I’ve just started into “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. This morning, David Goggins hit me with that same concept. “Motivation is crap!” he said into my headphones, clear as day.

Self Discipline Is King

” Here we go again,” I thought, but then he followed it up and suddenly it made sense. Complete sense. “It’s self discipline that really counts,” he said. None of us can feel motivated the whole time, and consequently motivation is transient. Great while it lasts but what about those days when you don’t feel motivated? I’ve been there more times than I can count and I suspect you have too.

This is where self discipline shows up. Whatever it is; exercise, dieting, working on your business; real headway is made by consistent, persistent action, repeated over time, and the only way I know of to maintain that when the motivation depletes, is through self discipline. I believe Mel Robbins and David Goggins are correct. Motivation is worthless. Self discipline is king.

Can We Grow Our Self Discipline?

This is all very well if we’ve got some self discipline, but what if we don’t? Some people just seem to have it in boatloads whilst others of us, me for example, have always struggled. The question is, can we change? In my limited experience, this is the wrong question. Because we can change. If nothing else, since starting my journey to become a successful digital marketer I have learnt that yes, we can change. We can get up when the alarm goes off rather than sneaking an extra 10 minutes.

I Know We CAN Change

I know this from what I have read about changes that others have gone through, I know this because of the psychological evidence presented in books like Mindset and Grit. But most of all, I know it because I am changing. Because I have changed already and continue daily to change. My self discipline which, honestly, used to be crap, is definitely on the upStill a long way from great, but definitely, noticeably, markedly better than ever before.. Just one example; I used to lie in bed until 5 minutes after the last possible minute, even until noon if I’d got no appointments that morning, but these days I’m up at 5:30, every day.
So let me give you another question instead, and this one’s the real deal; Do you want to change?

Uphill Struggle

For years, I didn’t. I was happy rolling along where life took me, taking the path of least resistance. For years I resisted even asking myself this question as I knew I wouldn’t like the answer because frankly, I’m a lazy arse and change requires effort, but eventually, I came round. I decided that I want control of my life. I decided I do want to change and consequently I am changing.

So now I ask you this question; Do you want to change? Because if you do, if you truly do then you can. Honestly if I can do this, I’m pretty damn sure anyone can.
In my next blog, I’ll talk about how.

The single trigger that caused me to change was a refusal to accept that my situation was as good as it was going to get. Fortunately, I found a way to improve my situation dramatically. It’s taking lots of hard work, hence the self discipline, but is changing my life for the better. Click here to Find Out How.

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