Andrew (Deej) De-Giorgio

Digital Enterpreneur and Planet Visionary


Hi, I’m Andrew De-Giorgio, “Deej” to my friends.

I've had a varied career history; driving instructor, salsa dance teacher, IT analyst/trainer, even motorcycle courier (a long time ago), and now... 

Digital Enterpreneur.

Working a six day week as a driving instructor, often 10 or more hours a day, left me very little time to do much else. Whilst I loved helping people develop real life skills that would last them a lifetime (I still do), after 11 years, the long weeks and hours were gradually taking their toll on me. Worse still, I was only just able to make enough money to make ends meet and one week away in Mallorca was the only proper holiday I’d had in over 13 years. I’d look at other people driving nice cars, living in nice houses, even watch planes flying off to supposedly exotic destinations and think “why not me?”

The problem was, I knew the answer. I’m no victim of circumstance. I was where I was because of the life choices I had made. I was desperate for change but couldn’t see a way until I came across a down to earth Merseysider called Steve who assured me that I didn’t have to be resigned to a mediocre life, trading my time for money. Steve ignited a spark of hope and since then, my life has gradually been changing and taken on new meaning. Where I used to lie in bed until lunchtime on my cherished days off because I couldn’t really see the point of getting up, I now bounce out of bed before 6am with vigour and anticipation of the day ahead.

For a while now, I’ve been growing a new, improved me. And I like him!

Also digital marketing is helping me realise a vision; I’m concerned about the state of our planet and want to do something about it. I want to plant some trees. Lots of trees. Millions, maybe even billions of trees. As I see it, we as the inhabitants of this planet have been taking too much from it for too long and need to start giving something back. I don’t believe trees is the complete solution, I do believe it’s a step in the right direction. Obviously I'm not going to be able to plant a billion trees by myself, but with a judicious dollop of digital marketing, I won't be alone.


Whatever I've done in the past, I've always liked helping people learn new stuff, watching them develop new skills and being part of that process. I've always delighted in see people moving closer to, and achieving their goals whether it was to drive, to dance or just wield a bit of software to help run their business.

So now, digital marketing gives me a whole new arena to help people like you reach new heights, be it increased time freedom or financial independance.
I'm going places, and I'd love for you to come with me!