Digital Marketing – What’s it all about?


Digital Marketing

adjective: digital
  • involving or relating to the use of computer technology.

I'm guessing you've bought something online, whether through ebay, Amazon, or wherever, right? So consider this; how did you find the product you were looking for? You possibly did a search on google, bing or another search engine, or maybe saw something advertised on YouTube. Or maybe just went straight to Amazon or Ebay and searched within the site itself. One way or another this is all digital marketing, and someone, somewhere, made some revenue from your purchase.

Simply put, there are two sides to this. Affiliate Marketing, and E-Commerce. And you can get Passive Marketing from both

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Affiliate Marketing

noun: affiliate marketing
  • a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Simply put, you advertise stuff on behalf of someone else, pass the customer over, the customer buys the stuff and the seller pays you a commission. But how does that work?
To give you an example, let's suppose you're into cooking and decide to write a cooking blog on the internet. You find a particular set of pans that conduct the heat brilliantly but the none stick never wears out and you're so happy with them you want to recommend them to your readers. So you do. But you also supply a link (obtained from the seller) where your readers can go to buy similar pans for themselves, because you're helpful like that. Then each time a customer buys some pans via your link, you get a commission. Bosh! You're an affiliate marketer! And you can do this from your kitchen. In your pants. Should you wish. No one will ever know.


noun: e-commerce;
  • commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet.

Simply put, buying and selling stuff via the internet.

Buy stuff at one price, sell it at a higher price and bosh! You've made a profit. If you box clever then you won't even need to deal personally with the stuff you're buying and selling. For example, when buying from Amazon, have you ever noticed the tag line "Fulfilled By Amazon"?
What this actually means is that some enterprising soul has arranged to buy some products from a manufacturer or wholesaler, often overseas, and have them shipped to an Amazon warehouse. Amazon sells the product just like any other (except with the "Fulfilled by Amazon" tag) on the entrepreneur's behalf, sends the revenue from the sale to the entrepreneur and there we have it. E-Commerce in action and the individual behind it did it all via their laptop keyboard, from their bedroom. Or from the beach. Or hotel. Any hotel. Or coffee shop. Anywhere in the world.

Passive Marketing

adjective: passive
  • accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.

The REALLY CLEVER part is that once you've got your blog or your website live, It's there working for you all the time - YES all the time;

  • Whilst you're at your keyboard
  • Whilst you're eating your dinner
  • Whilst you're reading a book in your underwear
  • Whilst you're sleeping
  • Whilst you're on holiday/vacation

You've done the work. Now you can reap the rewards. And continue to reap the rewards as long as people are coming to your website and buying the stuff. Passive Marketing - brilliant isn't it?

Please note; It is not compulsory that digital entrepreneurs wear only their underwear whilst reading a book.


But you can if you want to